An Open Letter to my Ex…Boss

We used to hang out, lunch outs, crack a few jokes out. We were friends. Or so I thought.

The moment you got that position, we celebrated you. We were with you. You were with us. Or so we thought.

We were okay for a few months, give or take. It’s in the succeeding months, the truth unfolded. We definitely thought wrong.

You changed. For whatever reason, you changed.

Maybe I was ill-thinking again. Maybe, you didn’t change at all. Maybe this is the real you to begin with.

You set-up a wall that we, your subordinates, were trying to climb. But no matter how hard we hiked, the peak was still nowhere in sight.

We got tired, exhausted, and burnt-out. The routine became unhealthy.

To protect ourselves – we erected a wall too. Over time, the walls didn’t just grow taller, it became thicker and farther than ever. Two continents drifting apart.

I sought answers from you. I wanted to understand you. I do, I really do.

I did get some answers, thank you. But I didn’t understand you. I tried, but I couldn’t.

You have everything figured out – all to yourself. Please remember, you’re not just working for yourself here. You have a team – for now.

Yes you have the passion to improve the team. You tend to accept loads of work even though you already have your hands full. I have no doubt with your work ethics. All of these were really commendable. What you lack though – it’s maturity.

Be mature enough to be sensitive to the needs of your team. Be mature enough to filter your sharp words thrown at the team. Be mature enough to handle people.

If you can’t do this by all means, be mature enough to step down. Be brave enough to go out or transfer somewhere else.

Do it. Trust me – it’s liberating. I know this for a fact because I just got out. Maybe I’m still not mature enough to endure you as my boss. And for that, I’m sorry. After all, we’re both a work in progress.



Quickies out!


The Unofficial Newsletter

I wasn’t just a cadet engineer back in 2012 but an editor-in-chief of our supposedly-department-newsletter. It wasn’t published due to some constraints (let’s just leave it at that). I guess the purpose of this post is to tell everyone how a person with no editorial-know-how (aka yours truly) have come up with such a complex output.

Originally, the plan was to create a newsletter in pdf (paperless, yeah go green). I envisioned a better one. Aside from gripping, relevant and entertaining articles, I wanted it to be more than just your ordinary “scroll-up-down” newsletter. The challenge I posed myself was to design a newsletter in pdf with webpage functionality.

I am no one-man-team. In order to bring this project to life I needed not two, but more than a dozen heads. The exchange of ideas was the key factor why I was very proud when we reached the final draft.

Developing this interactive webpage like pdf version was one thing (pardon my ignorant terms), coming up with articles to include was another. Through InDesign, the newsletter was published like browsing a webpage. After much discussion with the team, the newsletter job was to introduce the department to the whole Emerson community, discuss technical transcendence and innovation, highlight issues at hand; and provide entertaining takes on food, series (I am a self confessed US TV series addict), and employees.

We weren’t able to publish it back then but I’m blogging about it now (the rebel in me is leaping). Shout out to my wonderful team who made this effort possible.

You can view or download the pdf file here: Technically Speaking

For whatever reason, the newsletter isn’t functioning 100% when viewed on browser. If you can download it and open using Adobe reader, I’ll definitely appreciate it. Enjoy the articles, quickies!

Disclaimer: This is not an official newsletter of Emerson Climate Technologies. This is a shelved project of the company intended to be released in the year 2013, some information may be irrelevant now. I just released it to let everyone know how they can think outside the box and be creative in their respective fields. Credits to Windows template and to owners of the photos included in the newsletter.