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DIY Travel Philippines goes to my hometown

If there’s one Facebook group that I am most engaged and hooked – it would be DIY Travel Philippines. DIYTP was indeed a  lot of help when I was travelling over the past year. Seriously. If not for this group, I won’t have tipid travels from Mike of Tripidito Travel. (I had the pleasure of getting their

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Decadence… A Decade After

“It’s not how much you earn, but how much you save.” And that’s exactly what my batch mates did back in high school. They worked hard and saved. And saved. 10 years after our graduation – Amigos Quesadillas + Milk Shakes sprang into life. All thanks to our balikbayan slash Thai batch mate, Marcris, for

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Take Me Away ♩ ♪ ♫

Living in the world of dreams, We can make it happen… We are the youth of today, We can prove it to them Refrain 1 So come with me let’s take a stand, Reach our goals hand in hand Chorus Take me away, I don’t wanna live in this world Where no one cares, no

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