Decadence… A Decade After

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“It’s not how much you earn, but how much you save.” And that’s exactly what my batch mates did back in high school. They worked hard and saved. And saved.

10 years after our graduation – Amigos Quesadillas + Milk Shakes sprang into life.

All thanks to our balikbayan slash Thai batch mate, Marcris, for making a mini reunion possible. He insisted on meeting at Amigos QM and, thank the food gods, we got to experience foodie heaven. If it weren’t for him, another decade might pass of not seeing each other.

Without wasting time, we ordered as soon as we hit the couch.

I ordered Sausage Bacon under their Soft Tacos. My friends, Mac and Clang, had Beefy Mushroom and Crispy Chicken. To balance out the texture, we added Nacho Overload on our tab. For our drinks, I had Mango Caramel while the two opted for Rocky Road and Cookies and Cream.

My first bite was bliss. The flavors just burst in my palette. The softness of the tacos complimented the sausage and its garnish. You can put Sriracha to add some kick into it. I did, and I devoured mine in 2 minutes.

Sausage Bacon in Soft Tacos

And don’t get me started with their milk shakes. When they handed me my drink, I was like, this was a work of art not a drink. I mean look at that – a feast for the eyes and throat.

Mango Caramel

But, but I was on the verge of choking with these huge chunks of sausage so, guilty I might be, I sipped almost half of it. There’s so many things going on here – I think, this drink was a complete meal haha!

Cristina arrived 4 hours later, she had Beef Con Queso (Quesadillas) and it was the bomb. Personally, this was the best in their menu – delectable flavors, rich texture and perfectly presented.

Beef con Queso

My take aways from this mini-reunion: save and invest while you’re young. No excuses. And yes this pizzadilla below, too, is coming with me.


Kudos to my batch mates and their staff for reaching this milestone. Hashtag Goals!

Visit them at Palico IV Diversion Road, Buhay na Tubig Street, Imus, Cavite.

Check their Facebook page: Amigos Quesadillas + Milkshakes from time to time for surprise promos and discounts!

You can even score a freebie here! Just pick your lucky card.


Drool on their food posts in Instagram @amigosqm

Rocky Road up close & personal

Photos were taken using iPhone 6S Plus while some promotional photos were courtesy of Amigos.

Nice seeing you Cams, Jano, Mon, Boss, Gama – the people behind Amigos!



Quickies out!



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