Malapascua – Kalanggaman

Hello fellow quickescapies, quickers, quickies! Yeah, I prefer the latter – quickies. Way catchy and very wholesome.

Anyway, I remembered this trip to be a bit tricky. My friends and I found a promo fare bound for Cebu and heck yeah booked it. Question was, will we be going North or South of Cebu? Since we’re more of beach guys, we picked north – where Malapascua and Bantayan lie. Then came another question, would it be Malapascua or Bantayan? The deciding factor was – Malapascua offered cliff jumping!

So let the quick escape begins…

We arrived on the island at past noon – hungry as we were, this spectacle eradicated anything we endured during the long trip.

View from Blue Coral
The view from our room in Blue Corals resort

And so we gave in to our grumbling stomachs… How can you not sit and eat here? I mean, seriously?

How inviting!

After lunch, we availed the island tour package and hopped on the banca.

2013-03-09 13.18.50
I ❤ Malapascua

The tour’s last stop was the island’s infamous cliff (that’s why we’re here in the first place). But seeing the cliff from our banca made my guts turned.

I have never cliff jumped in my life and from my point of view (yes I’m the one with the sweaty green stripes shirt on) this couldn’t be fun as I was scared to death.

After of almost an hour of contemplating on the edge of the cliff, my friends and I decided to give it a go. I mentioned that we will definitely regret this if we don’t jump. I was the most scared among all of us and yet I was the first to jump!!! One off my bucket list!

Rise and shine! Normally when I’m on vacation, I usually wake up very early. I just savor every minute of my stay – I can always sleep on my bed and at work (kidding!) so why waste precious time in your hotel, right?

The Shores
The waters couldn’t get any clearer than this

Since we’re already in the northern tip of Cebu, we took another tour taking us to Kalanggaman Island, Leyte. Oh boy, this was definitely one for the books…




I have never seen a sand bar as beautiful as that! What.A.View.

We headed back to Malapascua before dusk just in time for a disco-han in the area. Locals from all generations were seen losing themselves to the tune of Dayang – Dayang.

A few days before we got to Malapascua, this ship got to its shore first. We asked for the specifics but the locals said that the incident was already taken cared of.


And this dog definitely don’t give a shhhh.


Whenever I see your shores, I always feel an itch on my feet. I would love to go back and explore you more, Malapascua.


Here’s our itinerary for the trip:

Day 1

6:00 am – Arrival: Mactan International Airport

Breakfast at McDonalds for a change (and since it’s early and no one else is open, yup justifying our action)

Cab to North Bus Terminal (around 20 mins)

7:30 am –  touchdown terminal

8:00 am – bus made its way to our destination

4 – 4.5 hour bus ride to Daanbantayan port (170php per person)

45 minute boat ride from Daanbantayan to Malapascua port (50php per person)

~12:45 pm arrival at Malapascua

Check in: Blue Corals Resort (600 php per person inclusive of breakfast)

1:00 – 6:00 pm Island Tour via boat ride  (300 php per person)

Cliff jumping is FREE!!!!

Dinner by the beach (price ranges from 200 – 500 php)

Day 2

9:00 am – check out then transfer to Bantigue Cove

Motorcycle rent to Bantigue 25php per pax (one way)

Check in is 400php per pax. You can opt not to change hotel during your stay, we just decided to witness local disco in Bantigue.

Motorcycle rent to Malapascua port

2 hour boat ride to Kalanggaman, Leyte (800 php per pax inclusive of lunch and drink)

11:30 am – arrival at Kalanggaman

Swimming, picture taking, boat rentals, epic white sand bar

4:00 pm – departure from island

6:00 pm – arrival at Malapascua

Dinner by the beach (since this is the last night we tried the buffet at 300 php)

Motorcycle rent to Bantigue

Local Disco!!!!

Day 3

6:00 – 10:00 am Swimming, Photo Op

11:00 am – Motorcycle rent back to port

Souvenir hunting then lunch

12:00 nn – Boat ride to Daanbantayan port

1:00 – 6:00 pm Bus ride back to Cebu city

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm last minute city shopping

10:00 pm – flight back to MNL


Php 1,200 – Airfare roundtrip

Day 1: Php 1,470 (breakdown below)

Breakfast at McDonald’s: 150

Cab to Terminal: 200 (50/pax)

Bus Fare: 170

Chips: 100

Boat Fare: 50

Check In (Blue Corals): 600/pax

Island Tour: 300/pax

Dinner: 150

Day 2: Php 2,600

Motorcycle rentals: 100

Check in (Bantigue): 400/pax

Kalanggaman Tour: 800/pax

Pasalubong hunting: 1000

Dinner: 300

Beers at Local Disco: 300 (approx 6)

Day 3: Php 1,870

Brunch: 250

Pasalubong hunting round 2: 500

Boat fare back to Daanbantayan: 50

Bus to Cebu City: 170

Chips for the road: 100

Cebu City last minute shopping: 800

TOTAL EXPENSES: Php 7,200 (airfare included)

Photo Credits to Carlo Garcia


Author: local of the world

I wanted to travel the world with people willing to take risks, patient, adventurous like I am. I have a passion for exploring new things, diving to the unknown and never ending quest for happiness.

20 thoughts on “Malapascua – Kalanggaman”

  1. Congrats Sir Dean for having a blog. 🙂 Informative at sana makaeating kami Malapascua at Kalanggaman. Nice deal on your air ticket. 🙂


  2. The weather was not too good so boat ride was an adventure and a bit dangerous to me, the waves were really strong and we were going against it. Sometimes we even stopped just to let the wave pass by and we DONT even have a life jacket on. Can t imagine if the boat flip and we would be into the sea, but the captain managed to take us safely and we arrived after an hour of Sea Rover . How much did you pay for the day trip from Malapascua to Kalanggaman?


  3. If you’re coming from tacloban airport to Palompon (drop-off point to Kalanggaman) you can also get a van from us at Haven’s Tourist transport, we are accredited by Dept of tourism and we offer safe and convenient travel by van from Tacloban Airport. We have an office at DZR airport and also at downtown tacloban just across Hotel Alejandro. Anyone can access our fb page…/ or call me personally at 0917 806 7275 if you need assistance. you can also email us at or text our booking officer at 0926 649 8009. if you are going to kalanggaman you might as well go to other places in the island para mas sulit and you can only do that if you will rent a car or van, either with or without a driver. That way your travel will not be limited to just 1 destination, you can also check biliran island with its waterfalls and sandbars like kalanggaman. or you can go to samar and ride the torpedo adventure. You can explore the island to your hearts’ desire. 🙂


    1. Hi Joana! Sorry late reply. Bale 2 island hopping tours ginawa namin, one is ung Malapascua island tour with snorkeling and cliff jumping. The next day yung Kalanggaman island naman for I think 800 pesos per pax. I dont have contact eh. Pero what I can suggest is to add DIY Travel Philippines fb group. You can ask and search for the itineraries doon. Yun din gamit ko para makatipid. 🙂


  4. Hi there! 800 padin kaya ung boat ride if dalawa lang kami going to Kalanggaman from Malapascua?

    Your blog is perfect for our trip! Thank you for posting and will be waiting for your reply. 🙂


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